How it works

It's super easy to set a HyperTrap

  1. Paste URL, use the Chrome extension or mobile app
  2. Click to highlight just a section, or the page
  3. Optional: Choose the trap type and some other settings
  4. DONE.

Pixel accurate snapshots of the web

A snapshot of the app's main screen

Once upon a time... Only programmers could do this. Now you can too.

A snapshot of the app's features

Hypertrap alerts you via email and automatically logs every change.

Share your diff log with anyone, or just keep it to yourself.

Enjoy the glory of your aha moment.

Set my first trap

Your new internet pet - good boy Hypertrap!

For the advanced user, explore a rich set of features to govern the logic of each Hypertrap you set. There's an internet weasel inside all of us.

Craft your HyperTrap for:

  • Keywords ( present and not present )
  • Value thresholds ( above and below )
  • Image updates
  • Content updates

Customize your alerts to see deltas

  • Word by word
  • Side by side
  • Value diffs

There's even a Hypertrap API and alert webhook for developers and data scientists.

A snapshot of the app's configuration panel.

Take your internet addiction to a new level.