We'll help you trap the entire universe if you want.

Questions about a specific trap you created? Please use the Maintenance Log for that trap inside your account. It’s MUCH easier and faster for us to help you this way.
For general Support inquiries, send email to: This is our email! No spam mail please.

What is the difference between the 3 types of traps?

Content - anything
Keyword - specify a keyword or phrase
Value Threshold - specify a value

When in targeting mode, why do some areas of a page show "cannot target"?

Cannot target means you have tried to select an iFrame, and hypertrap cannot monitor what is inside an iFrame.

What commands are available in 'targeting mode'?

  • [R] de-selects everything
  • [P] selects the entire page
  • [H] hide obstructing element
  • [I] ignore element
  • Click an inner section to cycle through outer sections
  • Shift-click to select multiple sections or to de-select a single section

Does Hypertrap have ads?

As few as possible. Hypertrap is on the IAB Bots & Spiders list so it won't be counted by adservers.

When trapping a number, should I select Keyword or Value Threshold?

Value Threshold will give you the most flexibility.

Is it ok to trap a number with a comma in it using Value Threshold?

Yes. In fact, dollar signs, other chars are also fine, everything in the target element gets tossed except for the number.

Can hypertrap detect image changes?

Yes, it sure can!

Last Updated: 11/02/2017