About Us

If you're curious, Hypertrap didn't start out as a business. It was actually just a simple Perl script I wrote originally named dragon.pl that ran from cron on my laptop. I have this friend who is maniacal about always running the most current version of software so I made it for him to know the moment a new version was released. Then things started to kinda spiral from there.

He told a friend, and the next thing I knew I had 14 different people all wanting to get notified when all sorts of different things changed on the web. So I kept working to make the script into something these friends could use on their own so I wouldn't have to manually set up each site. Some of these guys were acting totally "hyper" about getting notified the instant something changed that they cared deeply about. So I decided to call this whole project Hypertrap.

Hopefully, it's at a point now where you too can use it. As you can see, this didn't start out as a business. We'll see how *that* actually goes...

Good trapping,


A diagram of the Hypertrap User Sweet Spot.