For people who like to juggle knives.

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Set traps and catch changes in any language

  • Know instantly when (almost) anything on the web changes
  • Automatic logbook of deltas, compare and share with anyone
  • Get notified when a specific phrase appears or value is reached

Take your internet addiction to a new level.

Sort of designed for:

  • Talent Agents & Managers
  • Private Equity Managers & Associates
  • eCommerce Managers
  • Music Fiends & DJs
  • Patent trolls
  • RSS Addicts
  • Travel Experts
  • Political Wonks & Commentators
  • Google Alert Super Users
  • Reporters & Associates
  • Fashionistas
  • Under appreciated Legal & Compliance Departments

Keep tabs on things that interest you in a way not possible before

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It's so easy

  • Blow your boss's mind
  • Impress your clients
  • Amaze your friends

Know certain things first